• Dakota Huddle

Wiredcats Find Great Success at FRC Mission Mayhem 2019!

The Wiredcats FRC team, 5872, went out to Dillard this weekend to participate in the 2019 Mission Mayhem Offseason Event! This was the first competition for our new drivers. We started out a bit rough, but managed to pull back to a 4-3 qualification record and place 9th overall!

We were picked by the 5th seed alliance captain, Team 7500, The Marauders, who later picked Team 4471, The Spartrons.

Our day came to an end in quarterfinals, falling 2-0.

We want to thank Team 7500 and Team 4471 for being awesome alliance partners!!

We also want to thank FRC Team 108, The Sigmac@ts for hosting this fantastic event!

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