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FRC 5872 The WiredCats 


5872 was created in 2015 as a way to provide public high school students with an advanced robotics opportunity that is not widely available to public schools. Throughout the past few years, our team has grown and accomplished much. We currently have 20 members on our team, many of whom have previously participated in FTC. This year, we are working to prepare for the Bayou Regional in Louisiana. 


Within the past 5 years, 5872 has received multiple awards and been to the World Championships twice! 

2022 Rapid React

  • Bayou Regional Team Spirit Award

  • Bayou Regional Finalists

2019 Deep Space

  • South Florida Regional Autonomous Award

  • South Florida Regional Champions

  • Advanced to World Championships

2017 Steamworks 

  • South Florida Regional Innovation in Control Award winners

2016 Stronghold 

  • Bayou Regional Rookie All-Stars

  • Advanced to World Championships

  • World Championship Rookie All-Stars (Galileo Division)

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