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FTC 9110 WiredCats Omega 


Founded in 2014, team 9110 is the second oldest WiredCats team. We’ve been to States multiple times, always making sure to uphold FIRST’s values and bring spirit to competitions! We provide equal opportunity for all of our members to contribute and we try our best to pass down the knowledge we’ve acquired over the years so that we can always perform our best. We make constant efforts to be proud of who we are and to help bring understanding and acceptance to our community.


Within the past 6 years, 9110 has received multiple awards and even won our league championships!. 

2019-2020 Skystone

  • League Championships 2nd Place Control Award Winners

2018-2019 Rover Ruckus

  • League Championships Connect Award Winner

  • League Championships 3rd Place Inspire Award Winners

  • Advanced to State Championships 

2016-2017 Velocity Vortex

  • League Championships Winning Alliance

  • Advanced to State Championships

  • State Championship Alliance Captains


2020 Robot Reveal

Our robot has a chassis made of 2x1 aluminum extrusions, with FRC gussets and mecanum wheels. Our intake is made of small compliant wheels and rubber belts (attached to two intentionally positioned points), powered by NeverRest motors. Our shooter is made of 4 inch stealth wheels powered directly by a motor, meant to act as flywheels (one-sided).

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