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+Company name/logo on Team Website
+Personal Thank You Letter

Rewards are granted for 1 year unless stated otherwise

Please send hi-res version of company logo in .eps, .tif, .png or .jpg format to*

Rewards are granted for 2 years**

Rewards are granted for 3 years***

Interested? Click the button down below to get the Order form! Make sure to contact our Booster Club President at

Sponsorship Information

Have a business and want to spread your brand while supporting a local, winning team?
Check out our Sponsorship Info down below!


White tier 



Black Tier


All previous tier rewards
+Company name/logo*

(1.5in x 1.5in (or any variation within 2.25
square inches)) on FTC robots
+Team photo


Gold Tier**


All previous tier rewards
+Name/logo* on banner in the pits/Fundraisers
+Team Plaque
+Company name/logo*
(5in x 5in (or any variation within 25 square inches)) on FRC robots


Platinum tier**


All Previous Tier rewards
+Company name/logo*
on t-shirts
+Company name/logo*
size increase on FTC robots
▪ 3in x 3in (or any variation within

 9 square inches)


Diamond tier***


All Previous Tier rewards
+Company name/logo*
in any videos made by the team
+Company name/logo*
size increase on FRC robots
▪ 4in x 11in (or any variation within

44 square inches))

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