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FTC 10022 WiredCats Gen 3 

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10022 was created in 2015 as WiredCats Girls, an all female FTC team. Throughout the past few years, our program has grown tremendously, and to account for these numbers and to allow more students to have access to STEM, we became co-ed. Now we are known as WiredCats Gen 3, a team anyone from anywhere can join.  We currently have 19 members on our team: 2 seniors, 12 juniors, 4 sophomores, and 1 freshman. In addition, we are always open to new members, including those outside of Western High School. 


Within the past 5 years, 10022 has received multiple awards and been in the semi-finals/finals of our league championships. 

2020-2021 Ultimate Goal

  • League Championships 2nd pick of the Finalist alliance

  • Advanced to State Championships

2020-2021 Ultimate Goal

  • Roboticon Technical Expertise Winner

  • League Championships 3rd Place Control Award

  • League Championships 1st place Inspire Award 

  • Advanced to State Championships 

  • State Championships Design Award Finalist

2019-2020 Skystone

  • League Championships 3rd Seat Alliance captain

  • League Championships 1st place Inspire Award 

  • Advanced to State Championships 

2018-2019 Rover Ruckus

  • League Championships 3rd place Motivate Award

2017-2018 Relic Recovery

  • League Championships Winning Alliance


2022 Robot Reveal

10022 has been hard at work perfecting our design for our robot this year. Using Solidworks, we have created a model of what we plan to build. Every good robot needs a strong base, which is why we have created a custom CNC  drivetrain. For intaking the rings, we have a top-bottom roller and ramp system that transfers the rings to a hopper. The rings sit inside the hopper and are then pushed into the shooter. In addition to this ring system, we have designed a mechanism specific for maneuvering the wobble goal. This mechanism contains a custom 3D printed claw that grabs on to the pole of the wobble goal, and lifts it, allowing us to place it into the drop zone!

Team Dynamic

To 10022, being on an FTC team is about forming strong bonds with not only our teammates but also with other teams, as well as growing our technical and soft skills. Since we are all very close, we love to hang out with each other to strengthen our team bond. Often times on weekends, a group of us are out together getting lunch or having a study session. After every competition, we go out and celebrate together. Our chemistry together is one of the most notable aspects of our team, and we are very proud of this!


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