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Wiredcats at 2019 League Meet 1!

The Wiredcats went out to Pinecrest this weekend for the first league meet of the year.

Team 6322 had a match record of 2-3 and ranked 18th. This ranking helped us realize some design choices that we can make to improve our robot and it shows that we have a lot to improve.

9110 had a match record of 1-4 and ranked 28th. This sucks to see but we will take it and use it as inspiration and hunger to be better.

10022, the female leadership team, had a match record of 4-1 and placed 4th. This makes us so happy because this is a really good ranking and it also makes us excited to see how we'll improve.

10366, the middle school team, started off really well going 2-0 and rank 1 but ended up falling to 2-3 and rank 17th. We're still really proud of how they did.

It was a fun time and we can’t wait to get back to the lab to start improvements of our (future) world class bots! Thank you to Pinecrest for hosting this wonderful event!

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